Boat Slips, Moorings, & Storage Rates

Rules and Regulations – 2021

1. Care: The Owner agrees to exercise due care in the use of the premises provided under the Lease Agreement and to exercise due care in the operation of any vessel in the Frisco Bay Marina area.

2. Registration and Appearance: To be admitted to Frisco Bay Marina and to continue to be stored at this marina, a vessel must be registered, identified, marked, equipped and maintained as required by law, shall at all times be capable of moving from its slip, mooring, or space under its own power, and shall at all times present a clean, well-maintained appearance. The Frisco Bay Marina shall have the right to inspect the Vessel to determine whether these requirements are being observed.  Plastic tarps are not permitted as vessel covers. This includes, canoes, kayaks, SUP’s, power and sail boats.  Plastic tarps may be used on a temporary basis for boat work (approved in advance by the Marina) and removed as soon as work is completed. Canvas covers are acceptable.

3. Ownership: Lessee certifies that he/she is the sole owner of the Vessel and/or Trailer identified in this Lease.

(a) For any local’s discounts to be applied, Lessee must have a Driver’s License that lists a zip code of 80443 and provide a copy of license to the Marina office.

(b) Owners are prohibited from renting out their Vessel, or the assigned storage space, either on a short- or long-term basis.  There shall be no commercial use of storage space or vessel by any Lessee.

4. Payment:  Storage customers in good standing (no outstanding balances) may renew their storage for the upcoming season by signing the lease agreement, showing proof of insurance as required in the lease agreement and by paying of storage fees under the following schedule:

  • Payment for the upcoming season’s slip fee is due on or before February 15th.
  • Payments received between February 16th and March 15th will be subject to an additional penalty of 5%.
  • Payments received after March 16, shall not be accepted.  The payment will be returned and the storage will be reassigned through the waiting list procedure.

All other invoices are due within 30 days of date of billing.  Accounts are considered past due when not paid within 30 days of invoice.  There will be a late fee of $5 assessed on past due accounts each month past due as well as a Finance Charge: 18% annual, 1.5% monthly on the total past due balance.  Owners who fail to pay their invoices in 90 days shall give the Town of Frisco the right to terminate their lease Agreement on two (2) days written notice, or to refuse to renew the lease Agreement.

5. Vessels and Equipment: Vessels shall be properly secured in their slip, mooring, otherwise as permitted in writing. No part of the boat shall extend over the main headwalk more than one foot so as not to impede traffic. If the Vessel is not so secured, the Frisco Bay Marina will properly secure the Vessel for the Owner, without liability on the part of Frisco Bay Marina, and will charge the Owner for labor and materials for this work.

(a) Vessels will not extend beyond Tenants rented space, that in any instance could impede neighbor’s use of space. The maximum distance by which any boat (including all extensions such as swim steps, booms, etc.) may project beyond the end of the berth into the waterway shall be 3 feet unless approved by Marina General Manager.

(b) Dock lines shall be of adequate size for the Vessel and NOT be made of Polypropylene material. All Vessels shall be fully equipped with fender protection at all times the Vessel is in slip, and be tied in such a way as to not cause damage to the dock or other boats.

(c) Mooring holders must use mooring tackle that securely attaches to the mooring ball to prevent unintended release.  Clips and carabineers must have a locking mechanism.

6. Parking: Marina parking areas are not to be used for storage of surplus cars, motorcycles, bicycles or any inactive vehicle. All automobiles parked in Marina parking area must be in good condition and repair and display current registration. Dilapidated, unregistered or abandoned vehicles will be towed. No particular vehicle parking space is assigned or reserved and the availability of parking is on a “first come-first served” basis. Overnight sleeping in any vehicle in the Marina parking area is prohibited. The Marina and the Town of Frisco reserves the right to control access to the parking areas in such a manner as it shall determine in its sole and absolute discretion.

7. Locks: Owners will provide the Frisco Bay Marina with keys or lock combinations for all security measures of their Vessel and/or Trailer. Frisco Bay Marina will store said keys in a secure area accessible only to Frisco Bay Marina personnel. Frisco Bay Marina will give the keys (or combination) to no person other than the Owner.

8. Owner Performing Service Work: Owner is welcome to perform service work on their own vessel provided however:
(a) That the work is actually performed by the Owner, members of his/her family, or friends who are not working for pay.
(b) That the Vessel is moved to a designated work area, available only upon prior scheduling.  Work involving the use of power tools, paint, paint remover, solvent or the like on any exterior part of the vessel is prohibited in the paved parking area.
(c) That absolutely no paints, thinners, solvents, oils, or similar materials, or any sawdust, sanding residue, paint scrapings or the like be spilled, dumped or discharged into the waters of Frisco Bay Marina or the Dillon Reservoir. Owner should note that serious damage to other vessels have been caused by accidental spills. In the event of an accidental spill, the offending parties will be held completely responsible for repair of these damages.

(d) Owner will properly dispose of all paints, thinners, solvents, oils, or similar materials, or any sawdust, sanding residue, paint scrapings properly.
(e) That the repairs or service shall not involve prolonged or high-speed operation of a vessel’s engines.

(f) The marina does not loan out or rent any tools, ladders, or equipment.

9. Outside Contractors: No “outside” contractor or service organizations or individuals will be permitted to undertake any work on vessels in the Frisco Bay Marina until they have:
(a) Provided written authorization from the Owner to enter the Vessel and to perform the indicated work.
(b) Obtained permission from the Frisco Bay Marina Manager to perform such work.
(c) Scheduled and paid for use of a designated work slip/area if necessary.
(d) Arranged with the Frisco Bay Marina to have the vessel moved to the designated work slip/area.
(e) All contractors are required to submit proof of liability insurance.

10. Soliciting: Advertising or soliciting shall not be conducted at the Frisco Bay Marina.

11. Overnight Stays on Vessel: The Frisco Bay Marina is a recreational boater facility. As such, liveaboards are not allowed without the express written permission of the Marina General Manager. The term “liveaboard” is defined as “any vessel that is occupied in excess of 72 hours in any seven-day period or stay aboard more than three nights per week (no back-to-back periods). Persons found to be living aboard without prior approval will have their mooring or slip terminated immediately.

12. Mooring Dinghies: The Marina has spaces reserved for the storage of private dinghies for use as mooring shuttles provided they are registered with the marina office and appropriate fees payed.  Dinghies are small open boats that are rowed or motored.  Canoes, kayaks, SUPs, or larger boats that would be considered primary craft are prohibited and not allowed to be tied up to the dinghy dock.  Private dinghies found to be stored anywhere other than specific dinghy storage areas will be removed and the owner charged for staff time involved.  The marina provides four (4) dinghies for use by mooring holders who do not have their own private dinghy (pictured below).  Marina dinghies have an FBM sticker along with lifejackets and oars.  Mooring holders found to be using private dinghies, or any other craft, that they do not own without permission from the owner will be considered in breach of this agreement and it will be terminated.

13. Dumping: The laws of the State of Colorado, and the Clean Water Act of the U.S. Government specifically prohibits discharge or deposit of any rubbish, waste material or refuse material of any kind or description into the waters of any river, stream, lake, pond or tidal waters. The Frisco Bay Marina supports these regulations and will provide every assistance to the enforcement agencies to assure compliance within the Frisco Bay Marina. Owner’s and their family and guests are expected to cooperate by using the Frisco Bay Marina’s bath house, pumpout/dumpout facility and placing all garbage and recyclable materials in the receptacles provided by the Frisco Bay Marina.

(a) Portable Toilets: Dumping of portable toilets into our shore side toilets can cause failure of our sanitary system. Please dump portable toilets into the moored pumpout/dumpout facility specifically provided and marked for this purpose.

14. Use of Area: Owners shall not place supplies, materials, accessories, canoes, kayaks, dinghies, or debris on the docks, walkways, shoreline, and shall not construct thereon any lockers, chests, cabinets or similar structures.  The Frisco Bay Marina reserves the right to confiscate any of the above items if in violation of this rule.

A limited number of dock boxes are available from the Marina for seasonal rental.  Not every slip is able to accommodate a dock box.  Please contact the Marina office for more information.  Beaching, mooring, or securing a vessel on any shore in the Marina is not permitted at any time. Discharging or acquiring guests is not permitted on the sandy beach area.

15. Conduct: Frisco Bay Marina will not tolerate acts of disrespect toward our management/employees, between customers or with any visiting marina guests including transient boaters or park users. These acts include aggression, physical assault, damage to personal property, vandalism, bullying, slandering, threatening, discrimination, taunting, provocation, threats of physical assault, excessive swearing/foul language, stalking, illicit dealings, failure to respect marina management authority, and any acts which may cause one or more customers to feel unsafe in their own marina.

Failure of any customer to abide by this Conduct Policy will result in disciplinary action leading to possible termination of contract without refund and the immediate removal of that individual’s vessel from the marina at his/her expense.

Additional Expectations:
(a) Swimming, diving or fishing from the Frisco Bay Marina docks is not permitted.
(b) Grills, etc: No charcoal or open fires will be allowed on the Frisco Bay Marina Docks or premises except in designated picnic areas.
(c) Pets: Dogs will be kept on a leash at all times and in all areas of the marina. Tenants are expected to clean up after their pets promptly and dispose of the waste properly.

(d) Bikes: Bikes shall be parked in the bike racks provided.  Bikes shall not be stored anywhere else on the docks except in racks provided by the marina.  Bikes shall not be locked to any marina property other than bike racks.
(e) Generators: Portable generators will not be operated during the Marina’s quiet hours of 9 pm to 9 am.

(f) Halyards: Halyards and mast lines must be kept secured so as not to slap the mast in the wind or make excessive noise.

(g) Speed Zones: All Marina Users shall observe posted speed limits and obey all no wake zones. Unless otherwise posted on Marina roadways, the speed limit, within the Marinas, is 20 mph. The speed limit for vessels within the Marina is five (5) miles per hour.

(h) Locked Gates: Security gates are not to be left open. Tenants are responsible for the actions of any unauthorized person(s) they allow through the security gates.

(i) Carts: The blue fiberglass dock carts are available for use provided they are returned in a timely fashion to the cart storage area.  Personal carts must be kept on Owner’s vessel when not in use.