Frisco Solo Series Race #2

Jul 15-17, 2020 (Past event)

Man running on trail at Frisco Peninsula by Dillon Reservoir

Are you looking for some friendly competition while running on the trails in Frisco this summer? Join us for the Frisco Solo Series; a twist on a traditional virtual running series where we will have actual courses marked for you to race on! All races will take place on the Frisco Peninsula trails.


  1. Register for the Series or for individual races
  2. Join the ‘Frisco Solo Series’ club on your Strava app
  3. Sign the race waiver
  4. Run the marked course during the 48 hour time frame designated below
  5. Track your run on your GPS watch or Strava app
  6. Download your GPS file and email it to the race director, Linsey Joyce
  7. Check Visit Frisco, Colorado on Facebook for race results


  • Series Registration (4 races) – Adults 18 and over – $50*, Youth 17 and under – $30*
  • Individual Race Registration – Adults 18 and over – $15/race, Youth 17 and under – $10/race

*All Series Registrants will receive custom Mountainsmith Take Out bag.  Registrants will be emailed instructions on how to pick up their Series gift.


The overall 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place male and female runners from each race will receive a prize. No age category prizes will be awarded. Random prizes giveaways will also take place for each race. Race winners will be acknowledged via a post-race email as well as on the Visit Frisco, Colorado Facebook page.


Racers will have 48 hours to run the designated course. Courses will be marked by noon on the designated race date and the course will remain marked for 48 hours.

Race results must be timed stamped from the following dates and times:

  • Race #1 – 12:00pm on Wednesday, July 1 – 12:00pm on Friday, July 3
  • Race #2 – 12:00pm on Wednesday, July 15 – 12:00pm on Friday, July 17 Course Map
    • Start/finish line for race #2 is located along the Summit County Recreation Path, just to the west of the mules.  Park at the ball field parking lot at the Frisco Adventure Park and walk roughly a tenth of a mile east, or uphill, along the Summit County Recreation Path until you see the ‘Solo Series Segment Start’ sign.  This is where the race will start and finish.
    • Strava Segment FriscoSolo2
  • Race #3 – 12:00pm on Wednesday, July 29 – 12:00pm on Friday, July 31
  • Race #4 – 12:00pm on Wednesday, August 12 – 12:00pm on Friday, August 14

Race times that occur outside of the above listed time frame will not qualify to be included in official race results.


All races will range in distance from 4 mile to 7 miles. All races will take place on the Frisco Peninsula trails and will consist of primarily single track trails with small portions of dual track and paved recreation path.

Course maps will be posted soon.


Please click here to print and sign the 2020 Solo Series race waiver. Please scan in or email a picture of your signed waiver to Linsey Joyce.


This Series will be self-timed. All racers must use a GPS device, a watch or app on their phone, to record and map their run. Racers are encouraged to join the Frisco Solo Series ‘club’ on Strava where they can share their time and see who they are competing against. Racers will be asked to email their race file from their GPS device to the race director, Linsey Joyce.


Race results will be posted on the Visit Frisco, Colorado Facebook page, the Frisco Solo Series web page, and emailed to all racers following each individual race.

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