Cancelled- Trick-or-Treat on Main Street

Oct 31, 2020 (Past event)

People dressed up in Halloween costumes outside of Frisco Main Street business

Summit Public Health and the Towns of Summit County decided collaboratively to cancel all town/government sponsored Halloween events due to the recent rise in COVID-19 cases in Summit County. This virus does not recognize holidays so we can’t either, and there is a concern that folks are no longer taking precautions due to fatigue and complacency. That means that this is the moment to be extra vigilent and to not let our guards down. Trick-or-treating is not worth getting those you love sick.

Continuing to wear facial coverings, limiting personal group gatherings to under 10 people, keeping six feet distance from those not in your immediate family, and staying home if you are sick will make the difference between a surge in cases and effectively slowing the spread of this virus to keep folks healthy and keep businesses open.

 Still Celebrating Halloween, Keeping Your Community Safe, & Keeping Businesses Open

There is still a real and valid need to celebrate, but in 2020, we just need to do it a bit differently. Take these three steps, and we guarantee that you’ll feel in the spirit!

  • Buy your favorite treats for your family and have a scary movie night together
  • Carve pumpkins with your family and put them out for display
  • Dress up and post those hilarious, spooky, fun… photos to social media and send them to friends and family around the county and country






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