Sold out- Beginner & Intermediate Women’s Mountain Biking Clinic

Oct 18, 2020 (Past event)

Woman with a turquoise bike and colorful shorts mountain biking at the Frisco Peninsula

The Summit County Mountain Biking Alliance (SCoMBA)  is sponsoring a women’s mountain biking clinic at the Frisco Bike Park and Peninsula on Sunday, October 18 from 9:30am-3:00pm with check-in at 9:00am, and Colorado Advenuture Guides  is providing all of the logistical and organizational support for this clinic.

Who can sign up?

Female riders age 16 and up. From never-evers to intermediate level riders. This clinic will not include any advanced skills training.

There will be five participants and one coach per group.

Who will be teaching?

We’re lucky to have very experienced female instructors for this clinic: Jewels Olsen , Uri Carlson, Susie Nothnagle.

Where will participants be riding?

Skills training will begin at the Frisco Adventure Park and will move to Peninsula Trails.

What can you expect to learn?

  • Braking
  • Shifting
  • Steering
  • Body Positioning
  • Foot Positioning
  • Bike/Body Separation
  • Climbing Technique
  • Cornering




All proceeds benefit SCoMBA’s future trail projects.

Who is SCoMBA?

SCoMBA is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Summit County, CO that works to be good stewards of the trails. Their all-volunteer board is made up of year-round locals who love to ride and care about the future of mountain biking in Summit County.

  • Understanding the needs and desires of their membership and community is one of their top priorities.
  • SCoMBA participates in their community by working alongside their friends in other agencies throughout Summit County. They want mountain biking to be a friendly and respectful presence in their community while encouraging and providing sustainable access to trails.
  • They promote and participate in trail projects throughout the county and invite everyone to check out their volunteering and events pages for opportunities to socialize and help out.
  • They are a chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association, collaborating on their mission to create, enhance and preserve great mountain biking experiences. They advocate on the national level and legislative levels for mountain biking, often working with other conservation and environmental organizations, as well as recreational groups to help gain and maintain access to the trails we all love.

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