Woodward WreckTangle Championships – Copper Mountain

Aug 10, 2019 (Past event)


  • The competitor will have two runs to post their fastest single run time through the WreckTangle. If a competitor falls or walks around any obstacle, there will be a 30-second penalty added to that runs total time for each fall. A run will be considered finished when the competitor presses the red button at the top of the quarterpipe (final obstacle).
  • Awards will be given to the top three female and top three male competitors from each age group, as well as top 3 overall best run times.

Cost: $20 per participant, which includes:

  • Event tee-shirt
  • Warm-up session
  • 2 WreckTangle runs during competition
  • Awards for division winners

Age Divisions:

  • 5-6,7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-26, 27-36, 37-47, 48+

Event organizers reserve the right to change or modify age divisions, competition rules, and competition format if necessary. 

What counts as a fall? Touching the lower safety net or any other crossbeam or parts of the structure that are not part of the obstacle feature (example: you cannot walk along the metal crossbars on the side of the obstacles). If a competitor chooses to walk around an obstacle or if they require assistance from staff to move through the obstacle, this will also count as a fall. If a competitor falls, they should immediately proceed to the next obstacle (do not try to repeat obstacles after a fall).

Warm-up session: Warm-up sessions are “unstructured”, meaning there will be no timers present and multiple competitors will be using the course at once. The purpose of the warm-up session is to figure out your personal strategy for attacking each obstacle! Please be mindful of other competitors on the course during the warm-up session.

Event Schedule:

  • Friday, August 9: Practice rounds on Friday evening, and registration
  • Saturday, August 10: Registration & Competition
  • Awards Ceremony: will be held 30 minutes after the final competition run has been completed. The awards ceremony time will be posted at the registration tent during the last competition run.

Registration coming soon!

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