Mountain Biking

You are definitely in the right place if you like gorgeous single track and old dirt mining roads. Frisco is surrounded on 3 sides by National Forest (75% of Summit County is public land) and it takes locals years to bike it all so you will never ever ever be bored. The good news is that you can learn to mountain bike or fulfill all your dreams of gnarly mountain biking achievement here. We’ve got it all.

2 classic mountain biking rides in Frisco:

Peaks Trail- This is a favorite because it has enough climbs and technical bits to make you feel hero-like, but it won’t destroy you so you can go on to do more exploring on your bike the next day. It can be ridden from Frisco or Breckenridge, but here in the office we prefer an out and back from Frisco (about 18 miles) with a post ride beverage on Frisco’s Main Street. Peaks Trail route description/map

Frisco Peninsula- This is a classic lunch hour ride with incredible views and waterside riding along Dillon Reservoir. Also, there are a lot of trails which head off from this trail, and they are perfect for exploring with little chance of getting lost on this peninsula. This 6 mile ride is a great way to get your legs ready for more. Frisco Peninsula Dillon Reservoir route description/map 

Go to MTB Project for more information on rides around Frisco and Summit County.