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Colorado BBQ Challenge

Awards & Results

Women receiving awards at BBQ Challenge

2019 Colorado BBQ Challenge Winners

People’s Choice

1st- Rat’s WoodShack BBQ
2nd- Woodhill Small Batch BBQ
3rd- Wildwood Smokehouse


Grand Champion (1st Place) – Porky’s Pit Crew
Reserve Grand Champion (2nd Place) – Lucky’s Q
3rd- Shake n’ Bake BBQ
4th- Burntout BBQ
5th- Woody’s Q Shack
6th- American Heroes BBQ
7th- 913 BBQ
8th- Proud Souls Barbecue
9th- The American Dream BBQ
10th- T-N-T Que Crew


1st- Clarence
2nd- Smokejumpers
3rd- 1-2 BBQ
4th- Midnight Smokers
5th- Mountain Lion Extreme BBQ
6th- Proud Souls Barbecue
7th- Special Ingredient
8th- Clarence 2
9th- Bigs Meat Wagon 4
10th- Bigs Meat Wagon


1st- Lucky’s Q
2nd- The Celtic Pig
3rd- The American Dream BBQ
4th- Porky’s Pit Crew
5th- Porky Butts BBQ
6th- Crush BBQ
7th- Shake n’ Bake BBQ
8th- Q Live Crew BBQ
9th- 913 BBQ
10th- Uncle J’s


1st- Proud Souls Barbecue
2nd- Honeyman BBQ
3rd- Shake n’ Bake BBQ
4th- Porkys Pit Crew
5th- Brick Street Tavern BBQ
6th- Lucky’s Q
7th- Buckshot BBQ
8th- Backdraft BBQ
9th- Burntout BBQ
10th- La Pasadita

Pork Ribs

1st- The Celtic Pig
2nd- Shake n’ Bake BBQ
3rd- Backdraft BBQ
4th- Woody’s Q Shack
5th- Burntout BBQ
6th- American Heroes BBQ
7th- Special Ingredient
8th- Porky’s Pit Crew
9th- T-N-T Que Crew
10th- Lucky’s Q


1st- Porky’s Pit Crew
2nd- 913 BBQ
3rd- Lucky’s Q
4th- 3 Lil’ Mac’s BBQ
5th- Monsoon BBQ
6th- The Smoking Hills
7th- Burntout BBQ
8th- American Heroes BBQ
9th- Midnight Smokers
10th- La Pasadita

Side Dish

1st- Smokin Elvises
2nd- Billy Gomer’s BBQ
3rd- Pure Kitchen 2
4th- Bigs Meat Wagon
5th-Special Ingredient
6th- Special Ingredient 2
7th- Clarence
8th- Resque Joes BBQ
9th- Smokejumpers
10th- Midnight Smokers


1st- Mountain Lyon Extreme BBQ
2nd- Resque Joes BBQ
3rd- Brick Street Tavern BBQ
4th- Carnivores BBQ
5th- Wabash BBQ 2
6th- Midnight Smokers
7th- Special Ingredient 2
8th- Wildwood Smokehouse 2
9th- Grinders BBQ
10th- Burntout BBQ


1st- Midnight Smokers
2nd- Blake Bostic
3rd- Q Live Crew BBQ 2
4th- Mountain Lyon Extreme BBQ
5th- Brick Street Tavern BBQ
6th- Clarence
7th- Special Ingredient
8th- Mr. Murry’s Kitchen
9th- Seasoned Swine
10th- Q Live Crew BBQ

Anything Goes

1st- Midnight Smokers
2nd- Q/Tang Clan
3rd- Proud Souls Barbeque
4th- Porky’s Pit Crew
5th- Mountain Lyon Extreme BBQ
6th- Billy Gomer’s BBQ
7th- Double J Smokers
8th- Proud Souls Barbeque 2
9th- Woody’s Q Shack
10th-  The Celtic Pig

Kids Q 5-10 Years

1st- Taylor Scheer (Shake N’ Bake BBQ)
2nd- Alec McBride (The Celtic Pig)
3rd- Levi Doonan (Honeyman BBQ)
4th- Gaven McGlaun (Lucky’s Q)
5th- Sawyer McBreen (3 Lil’ Mac’s BBQ)
6th- Kate Burnett (Q/Tang Clan)
7th- Henry Lee (1-2 BBQ)
8th- Garrett Poust (Q/Tang Clan)
9th- Brandon Poust (Q/Tang Clan)
10th- Emily Burnett (Q/Tang Clan)

Kids Q 11-15 Years

1st-Tatum Scheer (Shake N’ Bake BBQ)
2nd- Lexy Doonan (Honeyman BBQ)
3rd- Rachel Clark (Honeyman BBQ)
4th- Barrett Tooman (T-N-T Que Crew)
5th- Drew Thomas (T-N-T Que Crew)
6th- Peter Ulrich (Honeyman BBQ)

5th Annual Firefighter Cook-Off 

The 5th Annual Firefighter Cook-Off was held on Saturday, June 15, 2019 as a part of the 26th Annual Colorado BBQ Challenge.

Red, White and Blue Fire Rescue and Summit Fire & EMS went head to head competing at the grills for a 1st place prize of $1,000 for their favorite charity and a 2nd place prize of $500 for their favorite charity. Summit Fire & EMS won 1st place and Red, White and Blue Fire Rescue won 2nd place.

Amico Outstanding Volunteer Award

Angie Maglicic has been caring for and checking in BBQers and vendors at the registration area and organizing the Kids’ Q competition for 13 years, and in 2019 she was presented with the 2nd Annual Amico Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award.