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Twilight on Main Street in Frisco

What has stayed the same in the time of COVID-19?

  • If you haven’t come to see us in a while, Frisco is still filled with the same zest for life and adventure that we are excited to share with you!
  • The views, mountains, and trails are still as amazing as they always have been, and now, more than ever, we are all about getting out there and enjoying it all.
  • Frisco Main Street is still charming, inviting, and full of unique local businesses, and Summit Boulevard is still the ideal place to stock up on provisions.

What has changed?

  • How businesses can operate and how we have events and celebrate have needed to change in order to respect everyone’s health by following the guidance and public health orders from Summit County Public Health and the State of Colorado.
  • You will see a very significant commitment to your health (and ours) from all Frisco businesses when you visit. Below is the quickest possible summary of some things you should expect when visiting Frisco and the Summit County community.

Things You Should Know About Visiting Frisco & Summit County

  1. We’ve worked hard to slow the spread of COVID-19, and we continue that tough work so you can come here and feel safe, while still enjoying this town and our mountains.
  2. Occupancy is limited to 50% in Frisco retail businesses, including grocery stores. Everyone is urged to send just one member of their household to do grocery shopping and to come prepared with a list so you are done as soon as possible. This is a commonsense way of limiting contact with others and staying healthy.
  3. Personal group gatherings have been shown to be a significant source of COVID-19 transmission. While the most recent Summit County Public Health order eliminated  the two household, 10 person limit on personal gatherings, the County recommends following CDC guidelines which suggest avoiding contact with people who do not live with you as much as possible.
  4. Many Main Street businesses have parklets (think cute decks that fit in parking spots) in front of their businesses. These were built and deployed by the Town of Frisco in order to accommodate winter/spring outdoor dining and shopping whenever possible. Bring your puffy coat and good cheer!
  5. In Summit County, (this includes Frisco), face coverings  are REQUIRED for all indoor public spaces, including public transportation, and for outdoor public spaces when people are within 6ft. of one another for 15+ minutes.Illustration of a woman with a face covering This means that if you are quickly passing others on the sidewalk or on a trail you don’t need to worry about covering your nose and mouth with a face covering. The face covering requirement will likely be one of the last requirements to go away because it is an effective and inexpensive way to stay healthy and keep businesses open.  This may not be the case where you are from, and we know that it is an adjustment. We need you to respect this requirement if you choose to visit this area.
    • Face coverings should cover the mouth and nose and can be fabric, non-medical masks, and can include buffs or bandanas.
    • Face coverings can be removed while eating and drinking, and after being seated at a restaurant.
    • Please refer to the Summit County Public Health Order for more information on face coverings.
  6. Frisco has over 45 restaurants that allow indoor dining at 50% occupancy. Some of our restaurants have elected to apply for “5 Star” certification, which is a State of Colorado program for businesses that go above and beyond to protect the health of their employees and customers. Please note that although 5 Start Restaurants can operate at a higher capacity than non- 5 Star, they need to keep 6 ft.  between parties, so seating is still limited for most. Here is a current list of “5 Star” certified restaurants that have taken extra precautions to help reduce the spread of the virus. Please check restaurant websites or call for their latest operational updates, and remember that take-out and delivery are also a great option. Go to FriscoDining.com for a full guide on where to eat in Frisco. More on restaurants below.
  7. Hotels, motels, and short term rentals are open with beefed up safety and sanitation protocols. We strongly encourage you to contact your lodging provider for the most up to date information before arriving. More on lodging below.
  8. Events– Right now we are limited to indoor gatherings 50 people and gatherings of no more than 175 people outdoors, so we are still re-imagining events. We are continuously working on new ideas and adapting as the public health situation evolves.
  9. Create your own adventure while using Frisco as your base camp! Activity and tour availability is continuously changing, so we suggest reaching out to your activity provider for their most up-to-date availability and safety protocols. You can also drop us a line at TofInfo@townoffrisco.com or call 800-424-1554, and we’ll help you sort it out!
  10. Bring Your Own Bag – The Town of Frisco has a single use bag fee of $.25 per paper or plastic single-use bag so please remember to bring your own clean reusable bags and expect to do your own bagging when shopping in Frisco.

Top 3 Things to Know about Restaurants, Stores, and Personal Service Providers

Snowy Frisco Main Street at twilight with the Frisco clock, string lights, and the Love Frisco, Winter Frisco logo

  1. Indoor dining is allowed at all restaurants, not just those with 5 Star Certification. However, 5 Star Certified restaurants go above and beyond to protect the health of their employees and customers.  View current list of “5 Star” certified restaurants.
      •  At 5 Star restaurants, guests may enjoy alcoholic beverages until 11:00pm. At non-5 Star restaurants, alcohol must be off the table by 10:00pm.
      • Restaurants may continue food service with no closing curfew.
      • Go to FriscoDining.com for a full guide to Frisco dining.
  2. Stores are open with a 50% reduced capacity and to enter you must have a face covering. Many are offering curbside pickup as well. Just a reminder to send just one member of your household out grocery shopping, as grocery stores have limited occupancy too, and this is commonsense and easy way to reduce contact.
  3. Personal services (beauty salons, massage studios, spas, etc.,) are available by appointment and have 50% capacity restrictions and physical distancing and face covering requirements.

Top 3 Things to Know About Lodging

  1. Lodging  is open in Frisco and all of Summit County with amped up cleaning and sanitation standards per Summit Public Health and the State of Colorado; this includes hotels and motels, as well as timeshare style properties, short-term vacation rentals, and privately owned residences.
  2. Guests, employees, vendors and suppliers will be required to wear masks or facial coverings in public/common areas indoors and anywhere outside where six feet of physical distancing can’t be maintained.
  3. Hot tubs, pools, saunas and common areas may be closed to encourage physical distancing. It is best to check directly with the lodging property or amenity.

Two classic skiers at the Frisco Nordic CenterTop Things to Know About Outdoor Recreation

Recreate responsibly

    1. Move on and find a new favorite spot if a parking lot, trailhead, park, path, etc… is too crowded for you to maintain physical distance and protect your health.
    2. Maintain six feet or more of distance from those not in your household, and wear a face covering if you can’t do that.
    3. Refrain from super risky outdoor adventures; this is the time to play it a bit safer; no beginner paragliding off of Peak One this trip.
    4. Love every moment that you are outside and show kindness and caring in your every action.

Five hands of different skin tones holding onto each other's wrists to form a circleThe Six Commitments of Containment

The local Summit Public Health order encourages all Summit County residents, visitors, and workers to adopt the Six Commitments of Containment to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Summit County:

  1. I will maintain six feet of physical distance from other individuals not in my household.
  2. I will wash my hands A LOT and for at least 20 seconds.
  3. I will cover my nose and mouth in public with a face covering.
  4. I will stay home when I am sick.
  5. I will get tested immediately if I have COVID-19 symptoms.
  6. I will get a COVID-19 vaccine.