Frisco Kayak Park

Frisco’s only kayak play park on Ten Mile Creek is open during run-off months anywhere from April to July and is free to the public to use and watch the action. This is a Class 3 creek section with a man made water feature where kayakers with the skills can practice their freestyle maneuvers while surfing in the feature. Running most rivers and creeks in Colorado requires whitewater experience, the appropriate watercraft, safety equipment, helmets and personal flotation devices, and the Frisco Kayak Park is no exception- come prepared.

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For the more advanced enthusiast there are class 4 and 5 sections above Frisco Kayak Park which will put your whitewater running skills to the test. Additionally, the Upper and Lower Blue River, Eagle River, Clear Creek and the mighty Colorado River are all just a short drive away. The Frisco Kayak Park is located on the west end of Frisco’s Main Street.



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