Wassail Days

Wassail Days

Woman pouring wassail out of carafe

Due to COVID-19 (boy, are we tired of saying that phrase), we will not be Wassailing in our normal ways this year, but there is still plenty of fun to be had in Frisco during the holidays.

What is Wassail Days?

Wassail Days is Frisco’s super fun celebration of all things winter and the holidays, normally celebrated by local businesses offering unique wassail recipes to sample.

Wassail is a hot, spiced cider served over the holidays and shared among friends and neighbors, and while we can’t quite “share” like we used to this year, the spirit of the tradition lives on.

What do you do during Frisco Wassail Days?

2020 Wassail Days are from Saturday, November 28 through Sunday, December 6.

Typically, Frisco merchants engage in some friendly, but heavy, competition for the status of Best Wassail, and you, our dear guest, benefit as you get to try them all!

This year, we are slowing things down a bit. While merchants will not be sampling Wassail or giving away mugs, we are looking for creative ways in which we can all have some fun responsibly and in the holiday spirit, as we invite you to explore the wonderful small businesses in Frisco and find that perfect holiday gift for your loved ones.

What else can you do during Frisco Wassail Days?

Unfortunately, the normal activities our guests have come to expect during Wassail, like the Soup Cup Classic, will be cancelled this year. Perhaps this is the year to try something new:

  • Make a tubing reservation
  • Try Nordic Skiing or snowshoeing
  • Visit a shop on Main Street that you haven’t been to before
  • Make your own wassail by trying recipes from the 2019 winners
  • Take a short winter hike and see what a Winter Wonderland Frisco truly is!

Frisco’s events throughout the week encourage some good clean holiday fun with a dose of magic. Some of the highlights include Santa’s Calling and lighting ceremony. We hope you’ll find your own piece of mountain magic in Frisco during Wassail Days.

Please stay tuned as we find new ways to have some fun during this special week, and check out the Frisco Wassail Days schedule of events for more information, which we will update as we adapt to the changing situation.